martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

Ian Roberts - Mastering Composition

Ian Roberts - Mastering Composition
format AVI | English | 640x480 | 2h.20min. | 1.22 Gb
Build the foundation for consistently better painting. This video course is packed with over 2.5 hours of knowledge, encouragement, insight, tips, exercises, graphics, critique, and demonstrations. Everything you need to dramatically improve your painting. Ian shows the importance of seeing in terms of abstract shapes, shows the need for an armature and how the eye moves on the picture plane. Ideas, techniques and examples that will help enormously to extract the most dramatic and powerful compositions from what you have chosen. Learn to enhance value and color shapes with arrangement and the play of emphasis between them. You get workshop critiques and 45-minute landscape demonstration and a workpamphlet with exercises designed to help you learn to “see” structure and composition fundamentals.

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