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Kelby Training : Romancing The Landscape Photography

Kelby Training : Romancing The Landscape Photography

Kelby Training : Romancing The Landscape Photography
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Join landscape and wildlife photographer Moose Peterson as he gets his first chance to shoot the beauty of Monument Valley. Moose talks about his preferences for camera gear and how he composes landscape shots. He shares some tips for predicting what the weather is going to do, and goes through the entire workflow for creating a time lapse video to share the experience of a changing landscape. Follow Moose as he photographs one of the most impressive landscapes in America.

In the second part of his landscape photography course, Moose Peterson continues his tour of the southwest United States, taking shots of the beautiful buttes, spires, and mesas in Monument Valley. Join Moose in the outdoors as he takes his shots and then follow Moose at his computer, processing the images in Photoshop and Camera Raw. Along the way, Moose talks about finding your own style, one-image HDR techniques, ultra wide panoramas, his choices for gear and gadgets, black and white processing, and image processing. Let Moose teach you how to bring home the big vistas so that people at home can enjoy them through your images.

When it comes to landscape photography, chances are you will not be able to control your environment. Unless you live in the area where you shoot and can choose the perfect day, light conditions and you are the light conditions and you. In the final installment of his three-part series, explores the Moose Valley of the Gods and shows you how to deal with what nature throws your way. Moreover, its very long session of post-treatment in Lesson 12 is almost a class by itself.

Part 1. Lessons:
Camera Gear (10:45)
Shooting Strategies (11:27)
Digital Darkroom (27:09)
Light Quality (17:35)
Fatherly Advice (03:12)
Time Lapse Photography (12:41)
Time Lapse Post Production (08:28)
Native American Subject (09:13)

Part 2. Lessons:
Ship Rock (06:08)
Ship Rock Post Production (10:50)
Ultra Wide Panorama (16:13)
Panorama Post Production (23:46)
Ultra Wide Pano Processing (17:19)
Seeing the Grandure (07:16)
Border Bluff Processing (11:58)
Gadgets (06:50)
HDR Shot (11:02)
HDR Processing (14:49)
Composing a Scene in Harsh Light (14:47)
Black and White Processing (20:02)

Part 3. Lessons:
Welcome to the Valley of the Gods (3:22)
Light in High Noon (10:07)
Post Production - Grad Split (8:58)
Select photos to be processed (16:37)
Where can I grow (10:28)
Failure is always an option (05:05)
could not stand the weather (6:50)
Post Production - Finesse (24:21)
in the Great Wide Open (6:40)
Post Production - Fish Eye (14:59)
Chasing the Light (13:28)
post-production - Session marathon (43:32)
Conclusion (1:33)

Kelby Training : Romancing The Landscape Photography

Kelby Training : Romancing The Landscape Photography

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