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Zack Arias - Studio Photograpy Workshop [Day 3] | 4.15 GB

Zack Arias - Studio Photograpy Workshop [Day 3] | 4.15 GB
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Genre: Video Training, Gender: eleaning
  • Zack Arias shares a live worldwide studio lighting class in the creativeLIVE classroom. White seamless and beyond. Models, bands, etc. Zack will lead the class over a weekend. With room for lots of live Q&A and critique. Enroll to attend the live class at the right, and we'll see you over the weekend of June 11, 12 and 13!

Info for the whole event:

Friday June 11th – 1:30pm – 4:30pm’ish / 5:30pm’ish
• My personal philosophy of having a studio space
• Considerations for getting a space of your own or turning a space you have into a studio space.
• The basics of exposure when using flash in studio. We will be using hotshoe flashes and strobes.
• Working with multiple lights and working with different lighting ratios
• Using a light meter and how to figure it out on the fly without a meter
• Overview of the modifiers we will be using over the weekend. Those include…
••• Straight flash
••• Umbrellas
••• Softboxes
••• Octabanks
••• Beauty dish
••• Ring flash
••• Grids
••• Flags/Silks/Reflectors
••• DIY modifiers
• Q&A

Saturday June 12th :: 10am – 1pm’ish
• The many uses of white seamless. I’ll be walking you through the entire process of shooting on a white seamless and getting the most out of one simple background
• Post production on the white seamless
• Q&A
• (lunch break somewhere between 1pm and 2pm.)
• Building a set. It will already be in place. I’ll just talk about the basic modular set pieces that went into making it.
• Grip equipment. How to put stuff together and do stuff with that stuff.
• Slowly moving away from the seamless and onto other background choices. IE: Fabric/Walls/Sets
• Working with subjects. Interaction and Posing. (I’ve had a lot of questions about this so I’m spending a lot of time on it.)
• Musicians. Duo and Trio. Group shots plus individuals. White seamless and other backgrounds + a simple set.
• Q&A
• In order to conclude in time to rebroadcast over night we can only teach for 10 hours a day. So the latest this day will run is 8pm. Don’t know if it will go that long or not.

Sunday June 13th :: 10am
• Quick recap of previous day and previous information about exposure. Not going to spend a lot of time on this but just a quick recap for those just joining.
• If I don’t cover the grip equipment on Saturday I’ll most likely do that Sunday morning.
• Art Direction! I will be pulling people from the live audience and giving them assignments to see what problems they run into and guide them through the process.
• More shooting. Different modifiers. Improv.
• Q&A
• (lunch break somewhere between 1pm and 2pm.)
• Working with a four piece band. Individuals and group shot.
• More shooting. Whatever we decide to do making sure I’ve used all the modifiers from the list above.
• Q&A

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