lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

The Image Processing Handbook (6th Edition)

The Image Processing Handbook (6th Edition)

The Image Processing Handbook (6th Edition)
CRC Press | April 7, 2011 | ISBN: 1439840458 | PDF | 885 pages | 45MB

Whether obtained by microscopes, space probes, or the human eye, the same basic tools can be applied to acquire, process, and analyze the data contained in images. Ideal for self study, The Image Processing Handbook, Sixth Edition, first published in 1992, raises the bar once again as the gold-standard reference on this subject. Using extensive new illustrations and diagrams, it offers a logically organized exploration of the important relationship between two-dimensional images and the three-dimensional structures they reveal.

The author focuses on helping readers visualize and compare processing and measurement operations and how they are typically combined in fields ranging from microscopy and astronomy to real-world scientific, industrial, and forensic applications. Presenting methods in the order in which they would be applied in a typical workflow—from acquisition to interpretation—this book compares a wide range of algorithms used to:
* Improve the appearance, printing, and transmission of an image
* Prepare images for measurement of the features and structures they reveal
* Isolate objects and structures, and measure their size, shape, color, and position
* Correct defects and deal with limitations in images
* Enhance visual content and interpretation of details

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