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Sony A700 Made Easy 1 and 2 (DVDRip)

Sony A700 Made Easy 1 and 2 (DVDRip)

Sony A700 Made Easy 1 and 2 (DVDRip)
English | mpeg4 544x416 29.97Kbps | MP3 128Kbps | 1.37 GB
Genre: Video Training

In this two-DVD training series, our tech gurus take you through all the features and functions of the Sony A700 digital camera. There is so much to know about this camera that the videos are a must-have for mastering all the functions and features.

Disc 1

Chapter 1
Camera walk around
Chapter 2
Camera Setup
- Lens
Chapter 3
Pictures and playback
-Positioning the camera
- Playback Function
Chapter 4
Mode Dial
- Shooting Modes
- Creative Modes
- Memory Recall
Chapter 5
Depth of Field
- Shutter F-Stop & ISO
Chapter 6
Setting the ISO
All about ISO
White Balance
Self Timer Mode
Drive Mode
Chapter 7
Focus Modes
Recording Menu
Farmers Market onsite training

Disc 2
Chapter 1
Custom Menu 1
-AF/MF Button
- AF/MF Control
- AF Drive Speed
What Type of Lens?
Chapter 2
Custom Menu 2
AEL Button
Ctrl Dial Setup/Lock
Button Options
Release w/o card
Release w/o lens
Chapter 3
Custom Menu 3
Red eye reduction
Exposure compensation set
Bracket Order
Auto Review
Image orientation
Chapter 4
Custom Menu 4
Custom Reset
Playback Menu 1
-delete, play, protect
DPOF Setup
Playback display
Chapter 5
Tools Menu 1
-lcd brightness
- power save
- video output
- language
Chapter 6
Tools Menu 2
-memory card
- file number
- folder name
- usb connection
Chapter 7
Tools Menu 3
- new start
- audio signal
- reset default
- remote
- software
If the Sony A700 does it, you will learn about it. Become an expert on the Sony A700 in no time! Let us guide you right through the hard stuff and help you take more creative, professional pictures!
The videos come with free, unlimited e-mail tech support! If you own the Sony A700, these videos are for you!
Sony A700 Made Easy 1 and 2 (DVDRip)



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