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The Evolution of My Gear with Zack Arias

The Evolution of My Gear with Zack Arias

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Have you ever suffered from G.A.S. [gear acquisition syndrome)? You are not alone! Join Zack Arias at his Atlanta studio as he shares the story of his relationship to gear; from where he started to how that relationship has evolved over the years based on his skills, assignments, and needs. It is a story we can all relate to, whether beginner or seasoned pro. In the end, it all boils down to camera, lens, and light..

Introduction [04:58]
RC joins Zack in Zack's Atlanta studio for an introduction to what will be covered in this class.

Background [08:34]
Zack shares a bit of his story to provide some background on how he's evolved as a photographer.

DSLR Kit [10:57]
Zack walks through his DSLR kit and shares the story behind how it has changed over the years.

Prime vs. Zoom Lenses [08:41]
Zack takes a question from the audience that starts a conversation on lenses.

Medium Format Kit [11:38]
One of Zack's main kits is a Phase One medium format camera, and he shares the story of why he's moved into that system.

Fuji Kit [15:06]
Out of his desire to have an everyday walk-around camera he went in the direction of the Fuji X100 and the X-Pro1.

Hot Shoe Flash [06:11]
A single hot shoe flash is a great place to start for lighting.

Big Light Kit [07:25]
Zack has two main lighting kits. One comprised of Alien Bees and Einstein gear, and the other is Elinchrom.

Modifiers: Part 1 [11:08]
Integral to any lighting kit is some way to modify that light. In this lesson Zack covers umbrellas, softboxes, and the beauty dish.

Modifiers: Part 2 [12:43]
Continuing on with lighting modifiers, Zack discusses grid spots, fabric grids, diffusion panels, and a few other speedlight modifiers.

Packing it Up [08:19]
You've got the gear, but you've got to put it in a bag to get it where you are going.

Conclusion [09:03]
Zack wraps up this class with a roundtable discussion with the studio audience about how to keep things simple, sane, and focused.

Course Time: 01 Hours 54 Minutes

More info _http://kelbytraining.com/course/zarias_gear


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